About Us


Company Background

Environmental awareness is an important philosophy that we hold close to our hearts. Our portfolio expanse ranges from industrial to residential projects and while constantly developing, we are also equally intensifying our efforts to create buildings with a specific character which exemplifies innovative green features.

Our current series of residential developments carry distinct significance based on the eco-friendly emphasis we have carefully placed on them. We started our first four projects under the Nouvelle banner and gradually grew our property arm into becoming residential developers.

Our maiden residential development – The Treez, was recognized for its unique green features which awarded us the title, ‘First Green Residential Building’ in Southern Kuala Lumpur. By meeting Malaysia’s Green Building Index’s standard, we constantly ensure that our progressive growth is always aligned with our philosophy of creating a sustainable environment for the future.

Besides establishing ourselves as property developer, we have also extended our business into scheduled waste management. Our sister company, Pentas Flora Sdn Bhd is a comprehensive scheduled waste management company that operates to produce recycled fuel oil for industrial uses.



New Age Ingenuity

At EXSIM Group, every venture we undertake utilises technology in an intelligent and organic manner for the advancement of mankind.

Being born in the age of technology is definitely a marvellous blessing. Today, technology is already a vital component in many aspects of our lives. It has made a prominent entrance into our lives and has undoubtedly proven its existence to loom and boom for consistent advancement.

We delve through the depth of mankind’s accumulated brilliance and ingenuity to address the issues that buildings have to contend with, while carefully preserving a precious gift which no amount of technology can supersede– Mother Nature’s masterpiece.

We initiated our portfolio in property development with commercial and industrial projects in Kota Damansara. The overwhelming response from buyers is a testament to how we are revolutionising the property industry landscape. By constantly raising our ingenuity, we certainly believe that our well-thought-of projects can and will be of the new age excellence while sustaining our environment at the same time.

So come with us and take one step into the future and at the same time, a step back to nature.