A Homage To Heritage George Town, Penang – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A mélange of traditional blended with modern. A city bustling with development yet fiercely protective of its heritage. It is against this enchanting backdrop that 22 Macalisterz @ George Town soars, a 36-storey tower located along the eclectic, fascinating Macalister Road.                                                .

EXPLORE NEW HORIZONS A musical instrument. A blooming tree. A destination. The Fiddlewoodz @ KL Metropolis is a concerto of nature’s orchestra expanding beyond limits. A song of harmony, synthesizing many parts and elements into a single whole to deliver an incredible living environment inspired by the spirit of travel.                                                                                                       .

D’Erica Residences
28 Aug 2020

IN HARMONY AND BALANCE Immerse in the healing, restorative power of the natural world. D’Erica Residences is the response to life in a fast-paced, hectic world. A haven enveloped in abundant, overflowing flora to refresh and delight your mind, body and soul.                                                                                                                                    .

A BOLD STATEMENT The Rosewoodz @ Bukit Jalil is the embodiment of timeless architecture with bold twists. This bold statement-making structure elevates the neighbourhood’s visual landscape and lends a unique character to the urban fabric. An address you will proudly call home.

29 Jun 2020

QUALITY EPITOMIZED Make that dream come true; live in a home you can call your own. Introducing D’Cosmos Residences, a new contemporary residence created for discerning young buyers. A prime development for urban living and savvy homeowners. A haven where quality lifestyle, affordability, central location and connectivity are all in your hands.    .                  .

LIVE THE ENERGY Savor the buzz of a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Feed off the energy of a city that is always on the go. This is the inspiration. This is the best of life in a dynamic city. This is D’Vervain Residences, a contemporary serviced residences offering urban, luxe living for less. Live within a fully integrated cityscape offering the best of work and play within a stone’s throw of exciting neighborhoods.                                                                                                                 .

03 Mar 2020

LIVE WITHOUT COMPROMISE The combination of wants and needs, simple and abundant, affordable and pleasurable . D’Quince Residences allows you to have it all without compromise. Two towers of serviced apartments centered on choice, quality, design and the fullness of life for savvy homeowners. Embark on a new adventure today with a home that meets your desire.               .

03 Mar 2020

LIFE MEETS PLAY Be at the heartbeat of excitement, inspiration and laughter. Mossaz pulsates with ideas, enveloped within a vibrant, dynamic environment that sparks creativity and verve. Mossaz is a collective of suites flaunting the refined beauty of postmodernism. Welcome to an exquisite new addition to the skyline of Empire City and Petaling Jaya.                       .

LIVE IT UP In the wonderful world of clouds, the arcus is one with a photogenic presence. Influenced by this idea, we carved the structural characteristics of The Arcuz @ Kelana Jaya to adapt the essence of the cloud’s horizontal formation, supporting residents in a well-balanced environment. It seamlessly integrates with the serene horizon to raise one’s spirits.

A New Realm of Versatility Scarlet is a colour of many expressions. One that celebrates various shades of passion, opulence and character. This irresistible energy is expressed through iconic architecture and exquisite refinement. Here’s presenting a new realm of versatility ignited by passion.