A RIVER RUNS THROUGH Taking inspiration from the surrounding nature, D’Ivo Residences @ Old Klang Road mirrors the riverscape that borders the plot of this former bus depot. Horizontal lines cutting across the podium represent the swift flow of the river while vertical lines hugging the 39-storey tower block epitomize river grasses, reeds and vegetation.                          .

A Homage To Heritage George Town, Penang – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A mélange of traditional blended with modern. A city bustling with development yet fiercely protective of its heritage. It is against this enchanting backdrop that 22 Macalisterz @ George Town soars, a 36-storey tower located along the eclectic, fascinating Macalister Road.                                                .

EXPLORE NEW HORIZONS A musical instrument. A blooming tree. A destination. The Fiddlewoodz @ KL Metropolis is a concerto of nature’s orchestra expanding beyond limits. A song of harmony, synthesizing many parts and elements into a single whole to deliver an incredible living environment inspired by the spirit of travel.                                                                                                       .

D’Erica Residences
28 Aug 2020

IN HARMONY AND BALANCE Immerse in the healing, restorative power of the natural world. D’Erica Residences is the response to life in a fast-paced, hectic world. A haven enveloped in abundant, overflowing flora to refresh and delight your mind, body and soul.                                                                                                                                    .

A BOLD STATEMENT The Rosewoodz @ Bukit Jalil is the embodiment of timeless architecture with bold twists. This bold statement-making structure elevates the neighbourhood’s visual landscape and lends a unique character to the urban fabric. An address you will proudly call home.

29 Jun 2020

QUALITY EPITOMIZED Make that dream come true; live in a home you can call your own. Introducing D’Cosmos Residences, a new contemporary residence created for discerning young buyers. A prime development for urban living and savvy homeowners. A haven where quality lifestyle, affordability, central location and connectivity are all in your hands.    .                  .

LIVE THE ENERGY Savor the buzz of a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Feed off the energy of a city that is always on the go. This is the inspiration. This is the best of life in a dynamic city. This is D’Vervain Residences, a contemporary serviced residences offering urban, luxe living for less. Live within a fully integrated cityscape offering the best of work and play within a stone’s throw of exciting neighborhoods.                                                                                                                 .

03 Mar 2020

LIVE WITHOUT COMPROMISE The combination of wants and needs, simple and abundant, affordable and pleasurable . D’Quince Residences allows you to have it all without compromise. Two towers of serviced apartments centered on choice, quality, design and the fullness of life for savvy homeowners. Embark on a new adventure today with a home that meets your desire.               .

03 Mar 2020

LIFE MEETS PLAY Be at the heartbeat of excitement, inspiration and laughter. Mossaz pulsates with ideas, enveloped within a vibrant, dynamic environment that sparks creativity and verve. Mossaz is a collective of suites flaunting the refined beauty of postmodernism. Welcome to an exquisite new addition to the skyline of Empire City and Petaling Jaya.                       .

LIVE IT UP In the wonderful world of clouds, the arcus is one with a photogenic presence. Influenced by this idea, we carved the structural characteristics of The Arcuz @ Kelana Jaya to adapt the essence of the cloud’s horizontal formation, supporting residents in a well-balanced environment. It seamlessly integrates with the serene horizon to raise one’s spirits.