A Vibrant Industrial Park Of Infinite Possibilities The Corporate Address That Redefines You. A well and meticulously planned ultramodern industrial park which meets the highest industrial expectations, it incorporates the latest innovations into a sleek, efficient and distinct architectural package which will become the industry’s benchmark and reference. Every element is designed to meet the highest industrial expectation.  

Infusing Energy Into Life Capturing the very essence of a flower, Petalz Residences roofs a plethora of sports and wellness facilities to encapsulate a life in harmony of ever flowing energy and warm aura. The identity of this development is interwoven with the significance of a flower to bring a sense of delightful liveliness. To parallel with its unique presence, the design concept also utilised the symbolism of a petal’s shape to incorporate it with the architectural process of creating the roofs. Besides significance, the roof also functions as a shade to the sky level activities where you can just sit back, relax and unwind. Take shed under the petal and enjoy all of life’s blissful offerings…  

The Revelation of True Magnificence Liberation at The Top. Take a lift ride to the top, on the 30th floor of this towering residence and unwind on the star-gazing deck while you let the twinkling stars set you on a journey of self-discovery, or just cosset yourself with a soothing swim in the infinity pool with vistas of the gorgeous Kuala Lumpur skyline. Indulge in liberating facilities perched high in the sky, with views and pleasures that will pamper your senses. This is the genesis of your idyllic life…

Merging Nature and Innovation A canopy of inspiration and bliss. Merging every layer of life in one practical living space. Soothed by lush nature at every turn, it is time to turn over a new Leafz of life. The Leafz is a breakthrough in design and functionality, adapting the marvels of technology in the many aspects of your lives, into your homes. Imagine a home that indulges your every whim and notion. From world-class facilities that are available right at your doorstep to a breathtaking visual experience.   

Nature to Nurture Your Future A healthy vision of a promising future. Comprising nature’s absolute beauty and the breathtaking combination of urban and contemporary art, bask in nature’s den for daily delights. The Treez emits life and energy with its artistic green designs and ethereal structures. Achieve the true meaning of Zen by absorbing nature’s gift and whiffing in its essence from a place called home.

A Factory with Modern Language Stylish; Cutting Edge; Contemporary In Every Aspect Nouvelle Industrial Park Lot 8 has been designed to reflect “the idea for the future” – modern, sophisticated, sustainable and functional. The architecture bears the testament to this. It is built with economic and ecological responsibilities in mind, providing your business cutting-edge advantage to realise the vision of today and face the challenge of tomorrow.  

Elevate Your Business Into Eminence Every venture begins with a promise. It is no different with Nouvelle Industrial Park Balakong – weíre determined to get you started on the right foot, with the ideal premise. At the heart of the modern industrial architecture that is Nouvelle Industrial Park Balakong is a structure that fulfills your economic needs while laying the foundation for a profitable horizon. Each expansive unit in Nouvelle Industrial Park Balakong is extensively wholesome, practical and functional that paves the way for dynamic business operation including seamless administration, increased productivity, enhanced innovation as well as improved marketing, warehousing and logistics.

A design beyond art Devised in style for every niche, combined with the modern taste of fashion, it is the belle of the industry. Nouvelle Kemuning Industrial Park (Phase 2) is a high quality premise with individualised architecture that adapts the urban specifications. This epitomizes the modern industrial architecture.

The Upgraded Sophistication A reflection of true beauty and vision. Furnished with the finest finishing, each factory in Nouvelle Industrial Park comes with generous space and smooth functional build-up to satisfy every industrial need. Feast your eyes on the glorious design that reflects authenticity excellence and vision, with glass facades and cosy designs that transcend common beauty. This will pleasantly meet your every working need.

Exceptional Efficiency in Production A revolution of constructing art. Sketched with exceptional planning and ideas, combined with a green design concept, and added with a touch of elegance in style and luxury, this has become the solid reality of a man’s imagination. Nouvelle Industrial Park Lot 10 is the result of modernisation and beauty with its unique features and designs that satisfy every need.