The Upgraded Sophistication A reflection of true beauty and vision. Furnished with the finest finishing, each factory in Nouvelle Industrial Park comes with generous space and smooth functional build-up to satisfy every industrial need. Feast your eyes on the glorious design that reflects authenticity excellence and vision, with glass facades and cosy designs that transcend common beauty. This will pleasantly meet your every working need.

Exceptional Efficiency in Production A revolution of constructing art. Sketched with exceptional planning and ideas, combined with a green design concept, and added with a touch of elegance in style and luxury, this has become the solid reality of a man’s imagination. Nouvelle Industrial Park Lot 10 is the result of modernisation and beauty with its unique features and designs that satisfy every need.

Enhancement in Style and Basic Comprehension A fusion of modernism, structuralism, efficiency and economy. With a winning and wealthy combination of green features rendering businesses more cost-efficient and environmental-friendly, it is the catalyst of modern working. Nouvelle Industrial Park 2 is the wish that has been answered. Its green design concept paired with its fancy glass facade, passenger lift and ample space make this the ultimate corporate sanctum.

Working Behind Aesthetic Facades Nouvelle Industrial Park is a stage for trades and dreams. Featuring a combination of exquisite designs and the finer features of today’s contemporary factory, this is the ultimate enhancement of typical operations. Nouvelle Industrial Park is an urban sanctuary that ensures delicacy and safety with its reinforced concrete structure to provide the versatility of having an all-in-one factory, office and showroom. The dream of working under an elegant roof is here.